17 Jun 2019

Be people of character and loyalty!

By - Shaykh Tauqeer (db) Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another academic year has passed. Another batch graduating. But have we learnt what we were supposed to learn in all these years?

Knowledge is light, and light of knowledge can only be obtained through connection with Allah ta'ala, good character and proper adaab (etiquettes). If we did not achieve all of these, we did not learn anything. Some of us will be leaving; some of us may come back. 

However, it is not about who we were in the Academy; it is all about who we are with Allah ta'ala and the people outside. People should recognise us with our character and our humility, and should wonder in this world of darkness: “I thought living Islam had ceased to exist, but I was wrong in my thinking.”

We should have the awareness of Allah ta'ala in our private and public lives. We should not be two-faced people. We should carry the same face with everybody: the face of love, the face of sincerity, the face of selflessness, the face of generosity, the face with the light of obedience of Allah ta'ala

This is Islam, and this is the light of knowledge.

The second thing that I want to remind is to never forget as to what this Academy and the teachers have done for you, and all those who have helped all these years in supporting the Academy - psychologically, physically and financially. Those who forget the favours of people actually have forgotten the favours of Allah ta'ala, and whoever forgets the favours of Allah ta'ala can be deprived of the favours by Allah ta'ala

Do not be disloyal to all those who have done good to you in your life, and there could not be better good than somebody guiding you towards Allah ta'ala and His Prophet salallaho alaihe wasallam , teaching character and passing on the light of knowledge.

Please, be people of character and of loyalty!


On behalf of the beautiful students of Nur ul Ilm Academy

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 | Shabaan 3, 1437