17 Jun 2019

A Message - December 2013

By - Alimah Nadia Sadiq Sunday, December 08, 2013

Alhamdulillah, Nur ul Ilm has reached the end of 2013, and it makes me feel honoured and humbled to see the fruits of the duas of our shaykh, Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (may Allah preserve him). However with all the success and honour, I keep reminding myself of the real goals and intentions of this madrasah.

Indeed we are the slaves of Allah ta'ala and the only purpose of our lives is to be in complete slavehood to the Al-Mighty. We are weak, He is Powerful. We are faulty, He is Perfect. We are needy, He is Generous. We are restricted and He is Capable. 

So today, I take a pause, and think. All what Nur ul Ilm has achieved over the years is nothing but by the grace of Allah ta'ala. and the first way to show gratitude to Him, and to gain benefit from his grace, is to correct our intentions. 

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Verily actions are by intentions, and for every person is, what he intended." (Bukhari and Muslim).

We all are here together to achieve one goal, one purpose, one destination and that is the pleasure of Allah ta'ala. For that we have to look into our hearts. "Why are we here? Why are we studying". Since the exams are just round the corner, why are we taking these exams? What if we fail? What if we couldn't do well? What if my teachers are not happy with me? What if my classmates think low of me? What if my parents get disappointed in me?" So many questions pop up in our minds, but we also have to pause and think, "What is my intention?"

As Yahya ibn Abu Kathir (may Allah have mercy on him) said, “Learn your intention for it is more serious than the action.”

Ibn al-Mubarak (may Allah have mercy on him)  said, “Maybe a small action is made great by its intention, and maybe a great action is made small by its intention.”

We must be aware that Allah ta'ala knows the secrets of our hearts, and we must rectify our intentions. Surely, it is a very difficult task; while studying in the madrasah and being among our beloved friends and teachers, it is very easy to intend to seek their appreciation, their applause and praise and neglect the real intention, which is to know and please the Master of the Worlds.

Sufyan ath-Thawri (may Allah have mercy on him)  said, “I have not treated anything more difficult than my intention, because it keeps changing.”

Yusuf ibn Asbat (may Allah have mercy on him)  said, “Purifying the intention from its corruption is harder upon the workers, than long striving (in their work).”

The question I ask myself is, “How do I set my intentions correct?” and then I think of the following points.

1. Who is the Most Important being in my life ? and I could only think of Allah ta'ala.

2. What is the most important desire in my life? and I could only think of His Vision.

3. What is the most important achievement in my life? and I could only think of Paradise.

4.Who is the one I will like to be with on the Day of Judgment? and I could only think of the beloved of Allah (peace be upon him).

These few answers help me to have the correct picture in my heart of what my intention is.

To serve my Beloved is my dream, my intention.

For that, I seek to give Him all of my attention.

To know Him is going to be my goal,

To serve him with my body, mind and soul.

To love Him is the action I want to take,

Wishing for that compassion before it is too late.

His remembrance is what I hold so dear,

Every time I think of Him, it makes me clear.

This Allah about whom my heart is so sure,

Wants me to set my intentions, focused and pure.

This Allah who has forgiven me again and again,

Who has brought in my heart his beautiful Name.

This Allah who I love, is here right now,

I wish to reach Him, but don’t know how.

But He calls me, and He knows my name,

I just need to set free and remove this chain.

He is here, He waits me to stretch my hand,

He brings in these opportunities, so I can stand.

He is the Only being who brings a purpose to my life,

Knowing Him and serving him is indeed very wise.

So won’t you check your hearts and find Him within.....

With Him is your happiness, with Him you’ll win!

My Shaykh recommends to keep reminding yourself,

“Hum to zinda hain, kay tera naam rahay “

We are alive only, so that Your name remains.

He once told me that I should sing this phrase often, over and over, so that I keep reminding myself of my goal, my intention and my destination.

So, let all of us refocus ourselves before we sit for our mid-year exams, and remind ourselves of the only goal and purpose, which is Allah ta'ala. Let’s reach Him through our devotion, compassion, service and worship. Let’s win Him through our repentance, submission, dedication and love.

Today, we all gather together in this madrasah, learning His beautiful religion, sitting among His beloved slaves, loving each other for His sake, serving our teachers, offering our services, exhausting our bodies. All of this is just for one purpose. TO WIN HIM!!!

“So whosoever hopes for the meeting with His Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of His Lord.” (18:110)

May Allah ta'ala accept us all. 

Nadia Sadiq,
Always in the service of Nur ul Ilm Academy

Saturday, Dec 8th, 2013 | Safar 5, 1435 H