21 Sep 2021

Youth Shariah Essentials 1 for Boys in English

Taught By:
Duration: 1 Year
Start Date: Friday, 11 Jun 2021
Note:   Registration is closed for this course now.
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“If Allah desires good for someone, He gives him understanding in the Deen”
(Sahih al-Bukhari)

Ever since you are born, your parents are trying to teach you Islam through Hifz of certain duas, verses or surahs, helping you to recite Qur’an. But, have you been able to gauge the insight spirit of Islam in yourself or you still feel the need to rebuild on your concepts or refresh what you have learned so far? All this emptiness within you can be filled easily with the love of Allah ta'ala and the Prophet(peace be upon him) ‫through keeping close company of Qur’an and Hadith

Program Overview

In order to help you bridge this gap, and for those who cannot commit to the 8 year program, we are offering a one-year course to provide you a platform where you can study Legal Rulings, Seerah, Islamic History, along with character building.

P.S.  Kindly do read FAQ at the end of this to get the full understanding of the program

Course Subjects

The syllabus includes:

  1. Fiqh
  2. Seerah
  3. Islamic History
  4. Self-Development

In-person Venue

Nur ul Ilm Institute, Al-Barsha, Dubai.

Students' time Commitment

The course requires an estimated 8 hours per week overview for getting the desired result from this program.


Once a week on Saturdays.

Course Requirements

1- Age: 13 - 15 years

2- Basic computer skills needed

3- Students (residents of Dubai and Sharjah) must appear live in-person for all days of final exams at the Dubai campus.

Course Material

Text books and handouts will be provided to the students in the beginning of the program. Along with it, additional audio lessons, reading material, quizzes, self-study assignments will be provided as and when required by the course teacher. 

Required Background

To join this course, all we require is a heart filled with desire to dive into the beautiful ocean of the true knowledge.  


Q: What is the fee for this program?

Ans: Whatever the student can afford, though recommended is AED 500/= per month. Kindly note that we do not stop imparting knowledge to anyone because of their financial constraints.

Q: The class timings are not appropriate for me. Can I still enroll in this program?

Ans: Yes, in case you have a genuine reason then the academy supervisors have the authority to allow you to be on recordings provided your recordings attendance is assured 90% and above in every subject. 

Q: In case I have difficulty in understanding a subject or the entire program?

Ans: You can always contact the subject teacher or teaching assistants initially for help. Still, if you don't find any improvement in yourself, you are free to email the supervisor of the academy as well. 

For more information, please email: alimprogram@nurulilm.com