19 Aug 2019

Arabic and Shariah Program for Sisters in Urdu - Year 1 (AS1 / A'limah Level 1)

Taught By:
Duration: 4 Years
Start Date: Sunday, 08 Sep 2019
Note:   In Person and Online

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It was narrated that Anas bin Malik, may Allah ta'ala be pleased with him said,

the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

"Seeking Knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim".

Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.  We can never become scholars but if we try to learn the core subjects as per the designed curriculum of our elders, which they named as ‘Alimah Program’, and we call it "Arabic and Shariah Program", we have a hope in Allah ta'ala that He will write our names in the list of the inheritors of the prophets.  This  is a 4-years program based on the traditional Dars-e-Nizami Curriculum. It is designed to cater for women of age 17 years and above. The language of instruction and books/reading material used for this program is Urdu and Arabic.

Program Overview

This 4 year course will enable you to learn the entire Qur'an with its translation and commentary along with Hadith, Fiqh and other areas of Islamic sciences that have been taught in the Dars-e-Nizami course for years as a tradition.

Course Syllabus:

Quran - 30th Juz
Hadith - Zad ul Talibeen
Shariah Law - Nur ul Idha
Arabic Morphology - Treasures of Arabic Morphology
Arabic Grammar - Different books of grammar
Arabic Adab - Different books of Arabic Adab

Students' time Commitment:

The first year stage of the course requires 4.5 hours of institute / live online time for 5 days a week, and self study time of approximately 1 hour everyday.

Course Requirements:

 1- Minimum Age: 17

2- Basic Arabic writing skills needed

3- Basic computer skills needed

4- All Dubai residents must come in-person for the classes

5- Students (residents of Dubai and Sharjah) must appear live in-person for six days of final exams each year at the Dubai campus. Overseas residents must simultaneously appear live online for those six days at the same time.

Course Material:

Text books will be provided to the students in the beginning of the year. Along with it, additional audio lessons, reading material, quizzes, self-study assignments will be provided as and when required by the course teacher. Online students will be provided the book list and recommended stores to get their books.

Required Background:

To join this course, all we need is your ability to read and write Arabic, understanding is where we hold responsibility on our shoulders for you.

In-person Venue:

Nur ul Ilm Institute, Al-Barsha, Dubai.


Q: What is the fee for this program?

Ans:  Whatever the students can afford to pay.

Q: The class timings are not appropriate for me, can I still enroll in this program?

Ans:  Yes, in case you have a genuine reason then the academy supervisors have the authority to allow you to be on recordings provided your recordings attendance is assured 90% and above in every subject. 

Q: If I am not fluent in Urdu then what shall I do?

Ans:  You can enroll in our English program which is identical to this program.

Q: Is there any difference between the English and Urdu program?

Ans: English program is designed for students who are only comfortable with English as the language of instruction whereas the Urdu program is for all those students who find Urdu more easy and comfortable.

Q: In case I have difficulty in understanding a subject or the entire program?

Ans: You can always contact the subject teacher or teaching assistants initially for help. Still, if you don't find any improvement in yourself, you are free to email the supervisor of the academy as well. 

Sunday to Thursday – In-person in Dubai, UAE and Online

Starting 08th September, 2019

My duas were answered when I discovered the Nur ul Ilm Alimah programme, flexibility, live online classes in the comfort of my home, enabled me to continue working. As the weeks and months passed I discovered I was not just a number in a madrassah, it was different, I felt fostered by a new family and my teachers’ interest was like concern of parents. Whilst departing the knowledge they provided the essential spiritual dimension and taught me how to apply this sacred knowledge. My life has been given new meaning.

Zaheeda Sakhawat, Coventry, UK

I am an online and recording student,  I have enjoyed my year and all the subjects,  I did struggle with some but a lot encouragement and support was given in class via the chat box and microphone facilities and after class by email and TA support groups and weekly takraar sessions with class students.  It was not straight "book taught " learning the advice on spiritual development and issues relating to daily life was a great bonus.

Parveen Kousar, Coventry, UK

Alhamdulillah, its been a life changing experience. The amount that I have learnt in a year is overwhelming and I am so grateful to have been chosen by Allah SWT (1). At first I was really negative, but as time went on, I developed a more positive outlook on the course, and now I LOVE it. I feel like I belong here, and I cant wait for the new year!

Kiran Hussain, Birmingham, UK

Prior to enrolling at Nur ul Ilm I used to attend a madrassa in person here in Birmingham. I felt there was always something missing 'a sense of belonging' I only realized this when I joined Nur ul Ilm. Studying the `Alimah course at Nur ul Ilm  has nurtured me spiritually, highlighted awareness in every aspect of my daily life. It is well organized with professional teachers who are experts at their subjects. Their technique of teaching I have never experienced at school, college or university. 

Tasleem Akhtar, Birmingham, UK

Reaching to Nur ul Ilm Academy is the greatest blessing of Allah SWT (1) which He showered on me.The way of teaching in this madrasa has encouraged me to have more and more knowledge.The akhlaq of the people has really amazed me . When I am in madrasa I feel as if I am in any different and peaceful world. I feel as if I have come here to wash out all my useless desires. The most important and beautiful feeling of mine in this madrasa is that I feel comfort when I am in the company of Baji Jaan and my other teachers. I am proud to have such a big Shaykh that I can be spiritually developed. I am really thankful to Allah SWT (1) for all these blessings.

Tayaiba Hashmi, Dubai, UAE

This institute just brought a big change in my life, though I was in the process of completing my bachelors but still I cope with it through recordings and always wished for being a live student. I feel completely lost without Nur ul Ilm. It is the real light in my life. 

Ifrah Alamgir, Pakistan

If there is one place where the heart belongs, it is Nur ul Ilm. From our fantastic teachers to eager students, traditional learning to using the latest technology to impart knowledge, grooming the outward to cleansing the inward, it is a fusion of the best there is to produce the highest of human beings who can not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. The courses and classes offered are not a worrisome burden, but a tantalizing taste of what great classical scholars have penned which makes you want to come back for more and embed it into your lives. If you dream of following the way of the Sahabah, and your vision is to reach the ultimate closeness to Allah SWT (1), you have just been told of an alluring haven that has no match!

Asma Shaikh, Dubai, UAE 

Joining Nur ul Ilm Academy was a turning point in my life to say the least. I never expected to gain all the treasures which I have, and that too in a relatively short span of time.  Being in the company of my teachers, has allowed me to witness firsthand the impeccable character and mannerisms of the Prophet SWS (1). To be able to learn from such pious, wise, dedicated, and loving teachers on a daily basis has been one of the greatest gifts from Allah ‫SWT (1)‬.

Fariha Rahman, Dubai, UAE

As a medical student I thought my wish to gain Ilm (knowledge) would remain incomplete. But once I was introduced to Nur ul Ilm, I realised that Allah SWT (1) had answered my prayers! After a hectic day at college, alhamdulillah I had the opportunity to gain ilm from the comfort of my own home.

Rashida Sadath, India

Planting the seed of His love, nurturing with ilm and guidance, showering with compassion and duas, to bear fruits which embody Iman, Islam and Ihsan. Words can't do justice, how my beloved teachers sacrifice their time, energy and lives to instill good character and a passion to serve Allah SWT (1) in our hearts, teaching what books alone would have never taught. Even as an online student I feel a part of this family, "My home away from home, teaching me right from wrong, manners that were untold, sunnah is never old, Nur ul Ilm is that abode, place of love and so much more"

Farheen Wani, Malaysia

I am a mother of two children and I dont find it difficult to do this course and manage with the house hold works, since I am a recording student which means I get the recording of every class and I can listen to it according to my convenience, but keeping in mind the rules and regulations and advices of my teachers to listen to the recordings on the same day. As you know in india we face power cuts and loss of internet connections very often. I found this course very much helpful alhamdulillah, this course has completely changed my life, now I can understand quran and ahadith and act upon it and follow the shari`ah correctly and I ask Allah SWT (1) to keep me steadfast on it. It is my pleasure and a blessing from Allah SWT (1)  to have Baba jaan (Shaykh Tauqeer Chaudhary, damat barakatuhum) and Mama jaan (`Alimah Nadia Sadiq) in my life, this course not only teaches us about Quran and Sunnah but also teaches us the etiquettes of daily lives. We students and teachers of our madrasah are bound with a special type of bond which I think no other institutions have in them. I ask Allah SWT (1) to keep me in their company and guidance till my last breath. Aameen

Husna Kausar, India

There are hundreds of Madaaris around the world, but what makes Nur ul Ilm Academy special for me are my beloved teachers, who gave meaning to my aimless and ignorant life. The unconditional love and guidance they give every student is beyond words! They have become my life support. I lived under the myth that blood relations are the strongest, but my teachers taught me that the bond created through love of Allah SWT (1) is unwavering! Nur ul Ilm Academy is truly our Kahf! 

Ayesha Ajmal,  Dubai, UAE

Nur ul Ilm Academy has been a source of light that has entered into my life and home. Being a mother of four; the online learning has been an amazing experience, allowing me to learn Deen and develop spiritually whilst meeting the needs of family. I’m blessed to have boarded the NUI ship on which Hazrat Saab, Baji Jaan, and my teachers, shower rays of  love, support, and sacrifice.

Nusrat Khan, Coventry, UK

Alhamdullilllah,  Nur ul Ilm Academy has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. It is about learning sacred knowledge deep down from the classical roots and implementing it within the core of our hearts and soul. It has amazing teachers who inspire you everyday to become a better person. I have found this journey to be an extraordinary one - of rekindling the love with Allah SWT (1)

Evita Khan, Dubai, UAE

Nur ul Ilm caters the best what a muslimah needs. Being an online student, It has approached me in a way that I never feel I am an online student, because it broadcasts live classes, where we have the ability to interact the teacher for any queries and have personal teacher assistants too. I have not come across any efficient institute like Nur ul Ilm, which provides the best for those who cannot attend in person; by just sitting at homes or offices, which I feel, is the most affluent way of acquiring the beautiful Deen. For someone who is a college student, like me, or a working woman, need not worry of time clashes, as the institute provides recordings of each class.

When you should grab something, grab it.

Sumayyah Shaikh, Muscat, Oman
Nur ul Ilm Academy is the biggest blessing Allah SWT (1) has bestowed upon me. The teachers not only teach us our beautiful Deen with love and compassion but they also give us invaluable tarbiyat. Nur ul Ilm Academy is organized in such a way that even though I was a student at University and I relocated to two different countries, I was still able to keep up with the course through the help of my family at Nur ul Ilm Academy, the free recordings, and of course Allah's SWT (1) mercy. Nur ul Ilm Academy has changed my life and my teachers along with my classmates have become my family, Alhumdulilah.

Mariam Razzak, Switzerland

Nur ul Ilm Academy is not just an institute qualifying students to be known as `Alimahs. Its a home. A family. Where the father and mother teach their kids purpose of the life and how to be humans inside out in an era where the definition of humanity is left for the dictionary to read.

Rukhsar Kafeel, Dubai, UAE

I always wanted to learn about Islam for the fact that I want to know everything about it from the time I embraced this faith. Since there is no Islamic school in my place, so my only chance was to travel to seek knowledge but it was not so easy as every school, there are lots of requirements and I also need to pass their entrance examination. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to this wonderful academy and I hope that they can create more ways to help the ummah get close to Allah SWT (1) by learning his religion. I recommend anyone who wants to learn traditional islamic knowledge and develop themselves spiritually to join Nur ul Ilm Academy wherever you are!

Rizza Marie Aspiras, Philippines

This course is Alhumdullilah amazing. It enables me to learn this sacred knowledge sitting in the comfort of my home, which would otherwise be impossible for a working mother. If I have missed a class while at work or with the children I could always catch up with recordings. The teachers are extremely sincere, dedicated and loving with a true pure concern for every student

Najla Hussein, Birmingham, UK

Indeed, Allah SWT (1) is Merciful beyond expression and comprehension. He always gives us more than what we asked for. Years ago, with little clue about the Islamic world and almost no resources for international endeavors, I dreamt of flying to Islamic Universities abroad to learn more about Islam; but, by His Grand Will, He made me stay. Little did I suspect, He'd give me the kind of Islamic education that I want (The Values + Arabic Language) through Nur ul Ilm; while at the same time, giving me the chance to help my family and serve my community. Realizing all of these blessings, I can't help but exclaim "Allahu Akbar" amidst tears. I dreamt of being closer to Him by wanting to learn the deen, but, as if grabbing me towards Him, He gave me more than one avenue to serve and please Him. Allahu Akbar Kabeera. How Merciful Allah SWT (1) is!

Umm Kulthum Mangaoang, Philippines

Alhamdulillah after many attempts to do the `Alimah course I was blessed with the opportunity to do it with Nur ul Ilm Academy. As well as completing the course and gaining Islamic Knowledge I was blessed with the spiritual benefit I received from my beloved teachers. This was the most important part of my journey over the past for years which I am grateful for to my teachers.

Asma Hussein, Dubai, UAE

Being a part of this great family has been a beautiful journey so far. This is the place where I actually realized what loving for the sake of Allah SWT (1) truly means, I feel the genuine love and care for me in all my madrasah mates and my beloved teachers. Few words may not do justice with what I have learnt and experienced here. I have been been blessed with true friends, my Baba Jaan and Mama Jaan who have always given me unconditional love and support. May Allah SWT (1) always keep me in their blessed company (Ameen). Madrasah means the whole world to me from where I can never imagine departing.

Saadia Muhammed, Dubai, UAE

My madressah does not feel like a madressah, but a home. And all the students and teachers are like one big family. I can feel the love and the Nur that is coming out of my madressah, and distance between countries does not come in the way of this love, educational training and spiritual path.

Farvin Khatun,  Coventry, UK

My madrasah is my home! Where I am protected from all the trials of the world. It is a sisterhood that keeps me content and I have no desire from the duniya. Everyone is united with the same goal to reach allah. Everyday you are blessed with beautiful reminders from the teachers and the students, you become in control of your nafs and the path becomes clear.  

Haseena Bhari, Dubai, UAE

My madrassah experience has been extremely positive, as a recording student I have had similar benefits to the online students, with easy access to class recordings and class teachers. This has suited me perfectly with my life as a busy working mum, alhamdullilah.

Sobia Rafiq, Birmingham, UK

This sacred Alimah course has given me what I could never get. It has not only made me able to comprehend but also made me practice what I learn, with proper understanding. Its authenticity, its sacred and traditional feeling makes this course more beautiful and attractive. Not the least; the priceless, charming, beautiful teachers are the gems behind my learning and understanding. Alhumdulillah!

Sumayyah Shaikh, Muscat, Oman

Good teacher explains, Superior teacher demonstrates and the Great teacher inspires." What makes Nur ul Ilm Academy distinguished is the emphasis laid on the ‘Tarbiyyah’ and spiritual development of the students along with achieving academic excellence. Our beloved Mama jaan and Baba jaan through their words of wisdom, sheer devotion and extreme warmth, inspire us towards our journey to Allah SWT (1).  

Sameera Wasiq, Dubai, UAE

It was my childhood aspiration to study within a Madrasah. Alhamdulillah although I have grown passed this stage, studying with Nur ul Ilm Academy has helped me relive this passion. Just as a plant is nurtured with love and care, our beloved teachers nurture the seed of iman within our hearts with their constant tarbiyah, tawajjuh, love and duas. Allah SWT (1) planted the seed of love yet His ‘Awliya water it so it grows into a beautiful rose.

Jomirun Nessa,  Birmingham, UK

It is incredibly fulfilling for the mind, body and soul. The staff are friendly and supportive, the teachers are dedicated and hardworking and there is no limit of age which is fantastic especially for ladies like me. After a long pause in any kind of study it is an amazing experience even though there's an intense amount of study but I love it. It is different in that it is not only studying but it is also with tarbiyah.

Nasreen Ashraf Ali, Coventry, UK

At one point I was looking into different islamic courses and programs to study. A friend suggested Nur ul Ilm. When I initially saw the coursework and the books being covered I wasn't sure if I would be able to cope with the amount of work we had to put in. Alhamdulilah Allah SWT (1) blessed me with wonderful teachers who make learning such an amazing experience. I never regret this decision.

Hunaiza Memon, Malaysia

I am so thankful to be a part of this madrasa as it helps me with the skills I need in all aspects of my life. I have been especially pleased with the way the madrasa has helped out working women and stay at home moms by continuing to broadcast the classes online. Alhamdulillah this madrasa has given these women an opportunity to learn sacred knowledge without the need to leave their homes and equipping them to further spread the deen of Islam.

Sarish Akhtar, Abu Dhabi, UAE

At first, it was a frightening ordeal when I learnt of the punishments and short comings of this life, of how believers and non-believers alike are responsible for their actions in this world. Later on, through hadith and strengthening of my taqwa, I’ve come to realise that the best I can do, is pray for the ummah. I am very grateful that Allah SWT (1) chose me to be a part of the course, because of which I can see noticeable changes in my family towards religion.

Shireen Jameel, India

Initially i thought this madrassa is just like every other madrassa. But it proved me wrong. SubhanAllah it is not only a place where every subject is taught  in a best possible way by wonderful teachers who have true passion and love for knowledge. But it also focuses on spiritual development. This course has changed my whole focus in life and the path towards Allah SWT (1)had begun.

Wajiha Mohsin, Dubai, UAE

I have been really blessed to be a part of Nur ul Ilm Academy.  The madrassah doesn’t only teach you sacred knowledge but also helps guide you spiritually. But this is more than a spiritual hub for me. It has been a life changing experience for me. The environment of this madrassah inevitably develops the student, their mind, their thoughts, their opinions and questions who they are. The teachers are brilliant, very sincere, loving and motivating. I have experienced an environment of true love at this madrassah.

Usmana Ajmal, Dubai. UAE

Madrassa has taught me the meaning of life. It has been a source of finding cures to ailments giving me ways to handle situations that are pleasing to Allah SWT (1), in return making the matters easy on myself. Madrassa has been one of the most challenging moments in my life, juggling family life and commitment to the course, trying my best to work hard for the course to respect the blessing Allah SWT (1) has given me and at the same time trying to give due rights to the family.‎ Without a doubt it has been the best decision of my life. My only regret is that I wish I had started it much earlier.

Musarath Soofi, Dubai, UAE

When I registered this course I was very frightened as to how will I complete my journey of `Aamah to Alimiyyah completing all my responsibilities along with 3 children, but the day I joined I felt I'm the most blessed person on this earth who got such loving caring and beautiful teachers and colleagues then I decided whatever be the case I'll never leave this family. Within the first week of `Aamah I realised that my knowledge of basics of deen was not even a drop in the ocean of knowledge that is required to lead a life of a true Muslim. Alhamdulillah I’m glad that god has given me this opportunity in my life that’s obligatory for every muslim to complete his journey of life as a muslim.

Our beloved Prophet SWS (1) told us:

Seeking of sacred knowledge is mandatory on every Muslim male and female

Qizrah Habib, Saudi Arabia 

Summer is the time I dread out of the whole year. Ask me why? Because the academic year finishes, and the madrasah closes for two months. This in itself is a testimony to how enjoyable my teachers have made the process of learning at Nur ul Ilm Academy. This is the place where I have grown in my knowledge and spirituality due to the beautiful way the Islamic knowledge has been passed on to me.

Sania Qureshi, Dubai, UAE

Only by Allah's mercy, I have been a student of Nur ul Ilm Academy.  I have had the profound blessing of being in the company of my beautiful, blessed teachers. Alhamdulillah, they are my role models and guides. They have taken me by the hand into the ocean of sacred knowledge and wisdom, preserved & passed down by our blessed scholars.  SubhanAllah, my madrasah is truly a blessing, a guidance to the straight path.

Tamanna Salim, USA 

As I started to study in my Madrasa "Nur ul Ilm" I understood how to achieve the real goal of life. I got a lot of Ilm from my Madrasa and my madrasa showed me how to go on the straight path. Allhamdullillah. I got peace in my heart by starting this beautiful course. I love this course because it make me busy thinking the whole day about Allah SWT (1) and my religion Islam.SWT (1)

Haseena Hassan, Al-Ain, UAE

​1. Nur ul Ilm Academy has taught me to how to perfect my character, how to love, care and share.

2.​ T​he teachers are so humble and loving, they make us feel that nothing is impossible we can achieve anything if we try and pray to Allah SWT (1).

3. It has taught me sunnahs and my goal is to reach Allah ​ ​SWT (1)

4. It has also taught us that it is not about our qabiliyat, it is all about whom Allah SWT (1) gives qubuliyat.

Amna Syed, Sharjah, UAE 

Nur ul Ilm is my second home. This course has taught how to live a life of obedience,how to love and care for each other only for the sake of Allah ​SWT (1). It bought me out of my heedless life  and gave my life a purpose. My life has taken a u-turn. I have learned our deen is so beautiful and how to balance our deen and duniya. Most importantly, I have learned our deen is so simple and how we make it difficult.

Samira Bakhed, Sharjah, UAE

​I ​did not know much about madaaris, until I enrolled myself in Nur ul Ilm nd I believe It is one of the most beautiful places to be in with amazing and extremely friendly teachers, loving atmosphere, free of hatred and jealousy and mutual understanding. My madrasa not only focuses on academics but gives special attention to tarbiyah, and stresses more on implementation of knowledge and change of an individual in the sight of Allah SWT (1). Alhamdulilah, Allah chose me to be a part of it.

Ayesha Khatib, Dubai. UAE

- Fantabulous , life changing experience. Alhamdulilah I am so blessed to be in company of lovers of Allah SWT (1) getting my tarbiyyah done.

- After each and every class of Aammah I got intoxicated by the LOVE of Allah SWT (1).

- It Has taught me about Huqooq ul ibad and Huqooq ul Allah SWT (1) and the Sunnahs of my beloved ​Prophet SWS (1).

- The ​Aamah journey gave me a lot of goosebumps .

Rihana Syed, Sharjah, UAE

All praise is to Allah SWT (1), it is easy to benefit from the alimah course, even as a recording student when you are taught by teachers who not only teach you the traditional course, but also provide a spiritual uplifting through their personalities and abilities to interact with students. And as such, develop us into better people, people who will be an asset to society inshaAllah.

Faeza Ihsan, Birmingham, UK

Within the first few weeks of the course I realized that this is the course I have been searching for so long. In the madrassah,   not only learnt the syllabus of the course but also the true way to love Allah SWT (1). Its amazing to see in this day and age the way the teachers and the other sisters from the madrassah try to emulate Prophet SWS (1) and the companions (may Allah SWT (1) be pleased with them all) in every little thing they do. One thing that I’ve picked up from my teachers is that this course is not only about perfecting my language, fiqh, tajweed etc, but it's about trying my best to please Allah SWT (1) and have confidence that Allah SWT (1) rewards manifold every small effort we put in to do so.

Sumaiah Aleem, Saudi Arabia

This course enlightened me by removing the misconceptions I had earlier. The interesting fiqh issues have taught me a lot and they hold great importance as it effects our worship. The grammar helps me understand the book of Allah  more clearly as before it was just reading but now comes the understanding as well. All it teaches us is how to live the daily live. It gives not only llm but teaches its implementation as well. Alhamdulillah.

Saeeda Saleh, Dubai, UAE

This traditional `Alimah course harbours muslim women in the trial end ages of today towards the eternal journey. Subhan Allah I found the curriculum fashioned in a manner that it keeps one growing in it. The subjects are together interwoven in  the most unique manner and they together nest the development of ilm and imaan. The teachers and the entire family of Nur ul Ilm Academy are deeply supportive towards every single individual and spend their time, money and energy solely for the sake of Allah's pleasure. The Alimah course along with its spiritual dimensions is a new light in these dark ages where little difference is understood between the right and the wrongs of life.

Kashana Nidal, India

This `Aalima course at Nur ulilm actually brought light to my life, being a source of guidance it cleared all the misconceptions I had regarding deen. This course taught me the three dimensions of deen: iman, Islam and ihsaan. Iman is in the hearts, Islam in our actions and we all need to strive for ihsaan. All it teaches is how to become a human being and a good and of Allah taala. By enlightening to us the Qur'an and Hadith, it shows us the true purpose of breathing. And of course every course comes with a package of teachers Alhamdulillah and teachers here with all their love and support are our role models
who should be followed to gain Allah's pleasure. They show us deen is not away from dunya but deen is a way to live in dunya

Fatima Saleh, Dubai, UAE

I can never express my madrasah experience in words. I have found the peace, contentment and the most loving environment which I have never experienced anywhere else. I feel restless when I leave the madrasah and can't wait for the next morning to see the smiling faces of my beautiful sisters who treat me like their own little sister and to learn everything again which brings me more closer to Allah. Every little problems that comes my way I know I don't have to worry because my Mama Jaan and Baba Jaan are always there to solve them and give me the best of the mashwaras. People say school is your 2nd home but my madrasah has become my family my 1st home.

Aafia Muhammad, Dubai, UAE

I joined Nur ul Ilm three years back. All I recall is how mashaAllah the dream of my teachers started growing so quickly and today we are one big family.

Kanwal Gulzar, Sharjah, UAE

I learned so many good things about daily life,  and future and life after death which I never thought of, Nur ul Ilm Academy is the ocean of knowledge which brings you from darkness to light and show  you the way from difficult routes to straight path.
I don't know how to thanks Baji jaan and Sheikh saab for their sacrifice and teaching and support. May Allah ta'ala  bless my teachers with all the good in this world and grants them the highest rank in jannatul firdaus ameen. 

Nurjahan M Islam, Birmingham, UK  

My experience of Madrasah  is an out of world experience, as if I have been blessed with a new beautiful world where no hatred can be found. Only love is taught, a place where I can find 1000 ways to get closer to my Lord, a gathering through which the heart attains comfort. A place where awesome teachers are always there to guide me towards Jannah. I thank Allah ta'ala a lot for letting me become a member of my Madrasah.

Sadia Zaheer, Dubai, UAE

With the tawfiq and mercy of Allah ta'ala, it is the best investment I have made for my family and myself from the comfort of my home. I pray may Allah ta'ala accepts it from all of us with khair and aafiya.

Sabeen Shaikh, London, UK

This `Alimah course brings an opportunity to connect with the hook of golden chain and it can benefit you as long as you are spiritually connected with love and company of precious teachers.

Faiza Fayaz Siddiqui, Sharjah, UAE

Alhumdulilah It's been two years studying in madrasa by the grace of Allah ta'ala I have learnt how studying can be only for sake of Allah ta'ala, not for position or fame. And learnt the main purpose of being in this world and to know what pleases and displeases Allah ta'ala.

Iqra Hamid, Dubai, UAE

I never imagined that by not leaving home, I'd ever have the chance to gain traditional Islamic education - not until Nur ul Ilm introduced the `Alimah course to me. From online classes that gave a real classroom feel to thoughtful Teacher Assistants who closely monitored students progress, I felt delicately guided and well-taken cared of every step of the way. Add to that my classmates who, through group studies and constant communication, have been like real sisters to me—this Alimah Course has really been more than what I had expected.

Umm Kulthum Mangaoang, Phillippines

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. I really enjoyed learning about our beautiful deen. All the subjects were taught with love. Every teacher has their own unique way of teaching making each lesson special in its own way...making sure we understood properly before moving on. Friendly classroom atmosphere...hard work, but worth it, for the pleasure of Allah ta'ala.

Ambreen Khan, Coventry, UK

The Nur ul Ilm experience is an unrivalled mix of exciting student life, Islamic values, guidance and spiritual development. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to develop spiritually and deepen the knowledge and understanding of traditional Islamic teachings. By studying Alimah course, I gained insight and wisdom in how practically the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Sahaba lived. The restless dedication and hard work of our teachers and their personal attention and easy accessibility always kept me focused. I never felt I was alone. What makes the program more enjoyable is its cohort style, interactive class room environment, group discussions and its social aspect. I feel an immense level of gratitude to Allah ta'ala I for the opportunity to become part of such a unique and spiritual journey amongst other beautiful sisters.

Mamoona Safdar, Abu Dhabi, UAE

My madressa experience alhamdulillah has been amazing and has helped me to transit from a normal muslimah to a practising muslimah alhamdulillah. The teachers and students have made this transition very accommodating to make the change subhanAllah. The world needs more institutions as such to become a better place InshaAllah. I hope the madressa will continue to flourish InshaAllah.

Sumaiya Akhtar, Birmingham, UK
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