07 Jul 2020

English Gathering

Taught By:
Duration: Ongoing
Start Date: Monday, 08 Dec 2008
Note:   Please read the description below to know more about how you can benefit from this course

Refresh your hearts in the weekly company of Shaykh Tauqeer Chaudhary. The English gathering comprises of a weekly reminder to help us reconnect our focus to Allah ta'ala, a selection of verses read silently and individually from the Qur'an and Sunnah, followed by muraqabah and du`a.

Weekly gatherings help us maintain a consistent schedule of meeting for the sake of Allah ta'ala and remembering Him. In this day and age where many enjoy spending weekend nights in doubtful behaviour, there are few blessed souls who  enjoy coming together to spend time in the remembrance of Allah ta'ala in their free time. This is your opportunity to maintain a consistent action, as consistent actions are beloved to Allah ta'ala, and sit in the company of a Shaykh who will train your soul into being that which is pleasing to Allah ta'ala.

Listen to the inspiring words of wisdom of Shaykh Tauqeer Chaudhary and feel the effects of these gatherings in your life as they become a part of your schedule. Recordings are also made available for each session and are uploaded at the audios section of our website.



This is a weekly program, taking place every Thursday at 9PM UAE (GMT +4) / 5PM UK (GMT).