24 Jan 2021

Talks for Sisters Only

Session Recordings Available upon Request: 

A Peaceful Soul
A Sound Heart
Urdu Talk: Allah Hum Say Muhabbat Kertay Hain
Urdu Talk: Allah Say Mangain
Adab - Haya with Allah ta'ala
Adab of Sacred Knowledge
Advice to Students
Arrogance: Signs & Prevention
Back to the Basics
Urdu Talk: Back to the Basics 
Be Connected
Be Righteous, Be Blessed
Be with the Righteous
Being Grateful for Our Blessings
Beware of your Enemies
Be People of Tawbah 
Controlling our Nafs
Cures of Arrogance 
Crushing the Ego 
Death: A Reality Check
Don't Sit with Dead Hearts
Urdu Talk:  Dil Badal De
Dive into the Ocean of Knowledge
Enter Islam Completely
Fiqh of Menstruation
Five Concerns of the Akhirah
Forgive and Forget
Four Deadly Sins
Haya - the Jewel of Woman
Haya: Part of Faith
He Loves Us!
Home Sweet Home
Urdu Talk: Hum Toh Zinda Hai Ke Tera Naam Rahey
Urdu Talk: Islam Aur Iman Kee Haqiqat
I Wonder
Urdu Talk: Ilm un Nafey
Inspirational Sisters Talk
Keep the Balance
Knowledge is Light
Let's Clean Our Hearts
Light upon Light
Love of Allah ta'ala
Loving the Messenger salallaho alaihe wa sallam
Manual for our Lives
Marriage: Half of Faith
Maximise our Profit
Merits of Dhul Hijjah
Nasiha for `Alimah Students
Nisbah: Connection with Allah ta'ala
Nurturing Little Hearts
O you who Believe! Believe
Parables from the Qur'an
Patience on Life's Tests
People of Sincerity
Preferring Others
Pre-Wedding Advices, Part One 
Pre-Wedding Advices, Part Two 
Protection from Jinns
Rabi ul Awwal
Ramadan: A Training Ground
Reality of Life
Reflect. Regret. Repent
Repentance: The First Step Towards Our Creator
Sacrifice and Acceptance
Sacrificing for Deen
Self Development: Concern for Others 
Sharh us Sadr
Signs of a Dead Heart
Slaves of Ramadan or Slaves of Rahman 
Strive for the Hereafter
Strive for Knowledge
Submit and Rise 
Tarbiyyah Session
Tawbah - the Way Out of Sins
Tawbatun Nasuha
The Accepted Woman
The Afterlife
The Bonds of Love
The Cure for Heedlessness
The Deadly Disease 
The Fire Within
The Hidden Gems of Islam
The Insight of a Believer
The Magnet of Mercy
The Perfect Balance
The Power of Speech
The Power of Youth
The Real Exam
The Reason of Creation
The Righteous Woman
The Sequence of Life
The Shade of the Throne
The Six Ghayns 
The State of the Believer
The Tongue: the Sharpest Tool
The Ultimate Exam
The Ultimate Goal
Third Dimension of our Deen
To Love is to Obey
Upbringing of Children
Weekend Intensive Talks: Hikmah
Working Hard
Urdu Talk: Ye Sab Imtihaan Hay
Urdu Talk: Zaban Ki Hifaazat
Urdu Talk: Zikr Ke Asraat 
Urdu Talk: Zindagee Kee Tarteeb

Connecting to Allah ta'ala (Miscellaneous Talks) recordings by 'Alimah Nadia Sadiq can be obtained by sending a request email to Please email the name of the talk from above, which you would like to request along with your full name.