25 May 2024

Podcast Subscription


If you have iTunes or an audio library supporting podcasts, you may subscribe to our RSS feed to automatically receive audio content feeds to your computer/laptop/tablet or smartphone device any time we upload new audio content.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an episodic programme delivered via the Internet using an XML protocol called RSS. Podcast episodes can be audio files, video files, documents or any combination of the three. The publisher or provider podcasts the programme by posting the episodes and the XML document to a web server. The consumer subscribes to the podcast using a client application, such as iTunes, which regularly reads the XML file and downloads new episodes.

To subscribe to our RSS feed and podcasting service, please follow the following simple instructions.

For computer/laptops

1. Download a free audio app supporting RSS feeds, e.g. iTunes 

2. Run iTunes and select ''file'', then "Subscribe to Podcast" 

3. Type or paste the following podcast address in the "URL" field:

For iPhone/iPads

1. Download the Podcasts app for free

2. Goto ''My Podcasts", then select ''Search My Podcasts''.

In the search field, enter the URL:

3. Press search

4. You should then be asked to confirm your subscription to the Nur ul Ilm Academy Podcast.

5. Once you select Subscribe, the podcast will be added to your device and audio content become accessible from your iPhone/iPad.