21 Jul 2017


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Official Anthem of Nur ul Ilm Academy, Composed and Read by Shaykh Tauqeer Chaudhary (db)

An introduction to Nur ul Ilm Academy - who we are, what does Nur ul Ilm Academy offer, and some advices from Shaykh Tauqeer Chaudhary (db).

Nur ul Ilm Academy has been offering the traditiona `Alimah program for a number of years. Our course is specially catered for working women, mothers, and university students with flexible timings and recordings made availabl [...]

UK Radio Interview Ramadan 2017 with Shaykh Tauqeer

In the classical text Ayyuhal Walad, Imam Ghazali rehmatullah alaihe takes us through some beautiful examples of the journey of the soul. Watch this video where Shaykh Tauqeer narrates a wonderful example of the result of tho [...]

UK Seerah Conference 2017 in Birmingham, UK

Junaid Jamshed Sahab was an example of a personality who truly strove for the sake of Allah, to serve Islam every day, right until the last day of his life. This short video gives us an insight as to what lessons we can take [...]

Iman is the most valuable treasure for the believer, it is the level of our iman which Allah ta'ala looks at, not our wealth nor our status. Righteous elders of the past would have deep concern for their iman and also ensurin [...]

Just as there are principles in the laws of the outward that we learn in Fiqh, there are also principles of the inward that we learn through the words of Allah and His Rasool, salallaho alaihe wasallam. One such famous princi [...]

The classical English proverb "As You Sow So Shall You Reap" is a time and tested truth. In this short video we are taught that the material possessions of this world do not bring true happiness.