07 Apr 2020

A Message - September 2013

By - Alimah Nadia Sadiq Saturday, September 28, 2013

Alhamdulillah. Allah ta'ala  has blessed Nur ul Ilm Academy with another successful academic year. It seems like yesterday when we had only one batch of students and now Alhamdulillah we have all four batches together in the madrassah (Islamic school). It feels as if my family is complete now. I have the fresh young babies, the ‘Aamah, the growing toddlers, the Khaasah, the young adults, the ‘Aaliyah and my mature firstborns the ’Aalimiyah. All four have their special place in my heart and they all complete me and the madrassah.

The start of the new academic year has special memories for me. We had our first Iftitah Al-Bukhari ceremony in which my Shaykh, Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (may Allah preserve him), the patron of Nur ul Ilm Academy himself taught the first hadith of Sahih Al Bukhari to the ‘Aalimiyah girls. It was a very emotional moment for all of us and especially for me as I could feel that my daughters have really grown up when I saw them holding Al-Bukhari in their hands. I never thought that we would be able to reach this stage. It was an overwhelming feeling to see the growth and progress we have had over the years.

I want to welcome, all the beautiful students of Nur ul Ilm Academy to this new Academic year.

I welcome them, to the world of dreams which takes the shape of reality in front of our own eyes.

I welcome them, to the hopes and desires to please our Beloved.

I welcome them, to the support and encouragement from their fellow sisters.

I welcome them, to the unconditional love which we all have for each other.

I welcome them, to the future which is bright and beautiful.

I welcome them, to a family of selfless love and compassion.

I welcome them, to this wonderful world of learning.

I welcome them, as I know Allah ta'ala has brought them here.

The skies and the sun welcomed them to this path of knowledge and submission.

I welcome them, as I feel at peace to know they are here to stay. 

We do not count the days or the hours, but we cherish the moments here.

We do not count the errors and faults here, but we remember the warmth and smiles.

I welcome the small flower seeds of the ‘Aamah to our garden, and to share their fragrance with all of us. To grow strong and more beautiful with the seeds of love of Allah ta'ala and the water of His dhikr (remembrance).

I hope and pray that we are able to produce a garden which is blooming with the light of the special Nur (light) blessed by Allah ta'ala. 

I welcome the growing sprouts of Khaasah to our garden, to make it firm and sturdy. To be able to hold the foundations of this garden with their growing petals and stems. Being able to absorb the light of this knowledge and reflecting it in the garden.

I welcome the tall beautiful stems of ‘Aaliyah to our garden. I hope they are able to provide the protection and support to the young seeds and sprouts, and they are able to share the light within them to make the surroundings bright.

I welcome the blooming flowers of ‘Aalimiyah. I hope they are able to spread their fragrance all over the garden, being able to provide the colours and shades of the garden which are the beautiful teachings of Allah ta'ala and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). I hope they are able to benefit others by their fragrance and beauty and complete the beauty of this precious garden we have.

As my Shaykh says, 

“......every bud, sprout, stem and flower in the bouquet has its own place. They all together make a beautiful gift.”

As I look out into my garden, It brings a hope in my heart.

It takes me back in memory, when life began to start.

Where lovely things mix and match, and greenery fills the walls.

The sound of pouring water, coming from the waterfalls.

I love the sight of the buds, the stems and the flowers beds,

The colours of my life, the greens, the blues and the reds.

As I look out into this garden, It brings a hope in my heart.

It takes me back in memory, when life began to start.

It reminds me of the days in the garden,

when the gardener in the early hours,

Used to pour the water of remembrance ,on the petals of the flowers.

He grew it by the gift of patience, since the one who sows must know,

That only by the will of the Creator, does any seedling grow.

He lowered his head to the sunshine, and bent his back again,

He ploughed the land with his hands, then prayed for the rain.

He waited and waited for the perfect time,

and then he saw the spring coming,

He cried out with happiness and sang along with the birds singing and humming.

With this pride I walk around my garden, and savour each scent and smell,

I long to hold it in my heart and sight, and let my dreams dwell.

There is not much more I can say, except I am that gardener who is shown,

That it did not take long to build it up, as seeds will bloom once they are sown.

May Allah ta'ala keep all of these fragrant flowers of our garden together, complementing each other’s beauty. I pray Allah ta'ala transforms my little garden into a precious garden of Jannah (Paradise). Ameen.

May Allah ta'ala accept us all.

Nadia Sadiq
Always in the service of Nur ul Ilm Academy

Saturday, Sep 28th, 2013 | Dhu al-Qa’da 22, 1434 H