25 Apr 2024

A Message - April 2015

By - Alimah Nadia Sadiq Monday, April 13, 2015

Alhamdulillāh (Praise be to Allah), Allah ta'ala has been very kind to Nur ul Ilm Academy and enabled us to reach many different people around the globe. One thing which has been noticeable is the bond these students share despite belonging from different corners of the world. The oneness, the loyalty and the unconditional love between all the students has always been a highlight of this Academy. And now, as the academy is growing, this love and sisterhood is also growing. 

Nur ul Ilm Academy accommodates all languages, all cultures and all age groups, but yet they still have one thing common, which is their zeal, their passion, their desire to please the One God.

When goals become one, then nationalities, languages, cultures and distances do not become barriers; in fact they become a source of bringing people together and admiring and learning from other cultures.

The concept of jamaa`ah, being in a group, has always been my dream for this institute. I do not want us to think as “I” but instead as “Us”. As the Prophet salallaho alaihe wasallam said: “The hand of Allah is on the group.” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi) 

Anything done or achieved collectively is always more effective and long lasting. Then the acceptance of Allah 􏰀 also comes along. If only one person out of the whole group is accepted in the sight of Allah 􏰀ta'ala, the whole group is accepted. However, since the number of students increased and other branches of the Academy opened, it was difficult to achieve that unity and collectiveness. It’s always a challenge to bring people together and make them think like a team, like an individual. Finding a good student is very easy, but making her good in the group is another story. 

As it is said, “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together for a goal is success.”

That is why today I want to highlight the fact that when many people come together and focus, even the blurry goal seems to be clear.

Jamaa`ah starts when few people begin to love each other for the sake of Allah 􏰀ta'ala. They encourage each other when someone is down. They help each other when someone slips. They cherish the success and become a support when something goes wrong.

This is what Allah 􏰀ta'ala has shown humans since the time a baby is born. The baby opens his eyes, and he sees his loving mother and father helping him, shifting his sides, cleaning him and feeding him. Then he grows older and sees his siblings and parents helping him to take those little steps, holding him when he falls, cheering him when he starts running. The wisdom behind the fact that Allah ta'ala􏰀 has brought such people in our lives right from the time of our birth is that we can learn to do the same to others. We also pull people up when they fall, we help them walk and take those steps towards Allah ta'ala􏰀. We also cherish their success and support them when things are rough. Allah 􏰀ta'ala starts this training from our homes and He wants us to apply it to all around us who share the common goal. 

No doubt, all the students of NUI share the same common goal, which is to please their Lord. And we need to work as a group, a team, a support; and most of it all, we need to love each other for the sake of this common goal, for the sake of the common Lord we worship.

May Allah 􏰀ta'ala enable us to become a source of strength for each other, a source of ease for people and not a source of difficulty for others. May Allah 􏰀ta'ala make us serve the people who are serving Allah ta'ala􏰀, and may Allah 􏰀ta'ala accept us also to serve Him and His beautiful deen as a group, as a jamaa`ah. May Allah 􏰀ta'ala raise this jamaa`ah together on that day when groups will be walking to their Lord. May we walk towards Him in this Group of NUI, holding each other’s hands with our elders, our teachers and Masha’ikh. Ameen

It’s not about “Me” it’s not about “You”. It’s all about “We”

This path towards our Lord becomes easy, as it can be.

This flock of birds flying together, reach a new height

While they join their wings together taking this flight.

The seeds of the same field, as the farmer plows

He waters, he nourishes and then he watches them grow.

The fruits of the same tree, some sweet and some sour

One stem holding them tight, washed under the same shower.

The flowers of the same garden, some red and some white

They move under the same sun, they shine and glow bright.

The fish of the same ocean, some big and some small,

One water makes them swim, one wave carries them all.

The beads of the same necklace, some stay and some slip

It’s the beauty of the chain, that joins them to the clip.

We see it all around us. That Allah’s hand is on the group,

We wish to stay together, holding this blessed loop,

Because it’s it no longer “Me” it’s no longer “You” it’s all about “We”

In this one cave of light and knowledge we all have found a family!

May Allah ta'ala accept us all,

Nadia Sadiq

Always in the service of Nur ul Ilm Academy

Monday, April 13th, 2015 | Jumada al-Akhira 25th, 1436