25 May 2024

Advanced Arabic Course - English

Taught By:
Duration: 2 Years
Start Date: Saturday, 19 Aug 2023
Note:   Registrations for this course are closed for the current academic year. Please email for more info.

Heading -ayah And Translation Eng

The Arabic language is superior in many ways; foremost among them the fact that, in addition to being the language of the Qur'an, it is the language of acts of worship and other aspects of Islam. Therefore, acts of worship cannot be fulfilled and in-depth knowledge of Islamic Sciences cannot be achieved, without an understanding of the Arabic language. In addition, many Ahadith regarding its virtue have been narrated.

Furthermore, if the Arabic language is put in everyday use, another great benefit can be achieved, a benefit that no other language has to offer; that the user of the Arabic language gains a resemblance to the Angels, the inhabitants of Heaven, and, most importantly of all, the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. This, indeed, is a great honour for any Muslim; an honour superseded by no other.

Course Outline

This course has a duration of two years, and is designed as a part-time course. Upon completion, students will be able to understand most words in the Qur'an, compose short passages in Arabic, comprehend classical Arabic texts, and speak Arabic in an articulate manner. Students will also learn the basic rulings of Islamic Rituals, in addition to attending a self-development session every Saturday. Minimum age requirement for this course is 13 years.

p.s. Kindly read the FAQ at the end of this to get complete understading about the course.

Course Objectives

Year 1 Year 2


- Learn words of everyday use

- Be able to translate short sentences

- Be able to pronounce Arabic words correctly

- Understand the different forms of Arabic nouns and verbs

- Understand the basic rules of Arabic Grammar


- Be able to comprehend short passages

- Be able to comprehend sentences of everyday use

- Understand the morphological rules of making different forms of words

- Understand further rules of Arabic Grammar


- Be able to apply basic grammatical rules to short sentences

- Understand changes in Arabic words

- Understand further rules of Arabic Grammar

- Identify different types of words in the Quran and the Hadith

- Be able to comprehend basic expressions in Modern Arabic

- Be able to have short conversions in Arabic

- Be able to compose short essays in Arabic

- Be able to comprehend simple Arabic texts

- Understand the application of grammatical rules

- Be able to comprehend classical anecdotes in Arabic

- Be able to articulately speak in Arabic


Three days a week: Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Course Requirements

1- Ability to recite The Holy Quran

2- Read and write/join Arabic alphabets

3- Basic computer skills needed

In-person Venue

Nur ul Ilm Institute, Al-Barsha, Dubai.

This course is also available online via online broadcasts to any country in the world.


Q: What is the fee for this program?

Ans: Whatever the student can afford, though recommended is AED 500/= per month. Kindly note that we do not stop imparting knowledge to anyone because of their financial constraints.

Q: The class timings are not appropriate for me. Can I still enroll in this program?

Ans: Yes, you will have access to the class recordings and can take your classes at your convenience. 

Q: In case I have difficulty in understanding a subject or the entire program?

Ans: You can always contact the subject teacher or teaching assistants initially for help. Still, if you don't find any improvement in yourself, you are free to email the supervisor of the academy as well. 

For more information, please email:


Three days a week: Saturday(Morning), Sunday(Morning) & Monday(Evening).