14 May 2021


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Start Date: Monday, 06 Jul 2020
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Program Overview:

40 Ahadith - In Urdu by Alimah Nadia Sadiq

A detailed explanation of short ahadith related to our daily lives

Students' time Commitment:

The course requires an estimated time commitment of 1 hour per day, twice a week to attain the desired result from this program.

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Timings: 11am - 12pm (GMT+4)

Required Background:

To join this course, all we require is a heart filled with desire to dive into the beautiful ocean of the true knowledge.


Q: What is the fee for this program?

Ans: Whatever the student can afford, though recommended is AED 500/= per month. Kindly note that we do not stop imparting knowledge to anyone because of their financial constraints.

Q: The class timings are not appropriate for me. Can I still enroll in this program?

Ans: Yes, in case the time doesn't suit you then recordings will be provided.

Q: Will there be an exam?

Ans: There will be no exam

Q: In case I have difficulty in understanding?

Ans: You can always contact the subject teacher or teaching assistants initially for help. Still, if you don't find any improvement in yourself, you are free to email the supervisor of the academy as well.

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Timings: 11am - 12pm (GMT+4)


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