25 Apr 2024

Reflection on Quran in English with Alimah Nadia Sadiq

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Duration: Ramadan 2024
Note:   For Sisters Only:

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An overview of Quran, this Ramadan to captivate your heart & soul with the jewels of tafseer in the auspicious company of Principal of Nur ul Ilm Academy, Alimah Nadia Sadiq. An ideal opportunity to know Quran and spend time with this beautiful book in the month of Quran.

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Start Date: 13th March 2024

Event Days and Timings:

Monday - Friday: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (GMT+4)

Students' Time Commitment:

The course does not require any extra time but only a continuous reminder of the Quran

Required Background:

To join this course, all we require is the desire in our heart to learn this beautiful book, Quran and motivation to implement its rulings in our life in the amazing company of an ‘Alimah who herself has been teaching and practicing for years.


Q: What is the fee for this program?

Ans:  There is no fee for this course.

Q: Will there be an exam?

Ans:  There will be no exam.

Q: If i am unable to attend the class, will i have access to the recordings?

Ans: Yes.

Q: Is there any attendance policy?

Ans: There is no attendance policy but it is for your betterment that you try and be regular with all the sessions of this program.

As if they were the gates of jannah where it read "Nur ul Ilm Institute".

Bejeweled with affectionate honorable teachers, like of the illuminated lamps on both sides of a road.

They take me by my finger along the journey. Entrusted with parenting me- Shaykh Sahab and Baji Jaan are together the North Star, causing me to sail through, perfecting our direction to my Rabb.

-Kashana Nidal, India

The teachers at Nur ul Ilm Academy teach with a lot of passion and dedication. How to live in this dunya for the Akhirah is emphasized through Shariah and Sunnah, with the goal to gain closeness to Allah Ta'ala. The most beneficial element for me is the focus on spiritual character development of how to improve our inner soul alongside the academics to achieve the light of knowledge.

-Ambreen Khan, Coventry


'When one has drunk the love of Allah from a spiritual guide then even if he is dumb, he will be filled with the eloquence of speech" - Molana Rumi.

Here at NUI, this very love is inculcated in the students through self development sessions, daily/weekly reminders and personal counselling by our beloved teachers, Shaykh sahab and his wife Baji Jaan.

-Aysha Khan, UAE


Two things that changed my life were my teachers determined efforts in teaching us how to control our Nafs and purify our souls.

-Aysha Nikhat, UAE


Alhamdulillah I’m honored to be a graduate of Nur ul Ilm Academy.  The teachers are walking talking role models of Shariat and Sunnah. Their passion, devotion, and concern for their student’s akhiraat is unrivalled. Their classes move the heart and touch the soul. I found my direction in life through their teachings and connected with Quran and developed more love for Allah ta'ala and our beloved Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam).  I’m eternally indebted to this institute”.

-Asia Hussain, Scotland


When I joined NUI, I was ecstatic to learn and gain knowledge through such sacred books. Little did I know, I am about to meet such amazing mentors who were like flowers of a bouquet that spreads fragrance of knowledge along with wisdom. All these years of spending my time with them made me realize that no matter how many books you study, wisdom is one thing you cannot gain by reading books. It’s a gift by Allah Ta’ala and can be learnt only by being with the people who have it.

- Sara Rao, UAE


By studying sacred knowledge and learning how to practically apply it in our daily lives in the 21st century, NUI has helped me focus on the true priority in my life - "Allah ta'ala". The beautiful teacher-student relationship at NUI has helped me build other relationships in my life for the sake of Allah.

-Azra Zubaida, New Zealand


“Words cannot describe nor do justice to explain the importance of NUI and my beloved Teachers. They are my oxygen, my ventilator and life line that have connected me to my creator and the blessed prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam), illuminating their light across the globe and  reviving dead hearts through immense and continued concern, dedication, sacrifice, love,  and spiritual nurturing.

One can only taste this exceptionally unique and radiant blessing when one joins and becomes part of this worldwide global family of NUI “

-Nusrat Khan, Coventry